5 Ways to Save $10K 
or more on your Taxes!
This training has saved past #SavvyFamily (aka my clients) over $30K in tax savings!
If you are paying ANYTHING in taxes - you are probably paying too much!
Join me to discover
 5 Ways to Save $10K or more on your TAXES!

Monday, June 20th

@ 6:00PM CST

5 Ways to Save $10K 
or more on your Taxes!

Let's discuss the thing that really matters when it comes to taxes.... You are probably OVERPAYING them!

It is actually pretty simple to maximize your tax savings to keep more of your money and I'm going to reveal that to you!

The secret to keeping money in your pocket and not in Uncle Sam's is effective tax strategy. The problem is most entrepreneurs are busy running their business or don't have time to do this.

When it comes to tax strategy we have a simple, yet proven framework that takes you from anxious and overpaying the IRS to massive tax savings you can use to reinvest and scale your business!

Are you ready to stop OVERPAYING your taxes and kick tax debt to the curb?

Time to stop overpaying when it comes to TAXES
On this training you'll discover:
  • The Mindset shift you need  to save on your taxes
  • Is your LLC really cutting it? 
  • The hiring strategy that can save you thousands
  • ​The simple write-off that every business owner has that can save them thousands on their taxes
  • ​How to use the tax code for your benefit
Who is this for?
Do you:
  • Make over $100K in revenue
  • ​Pay over $10K in taxes and want to save on what you pay to the Tax Man
  • ​​You have received Tax Notices and you don’t know what to do
You suffer from:
  • Significant stress from owning a large tax debt
  • Lack of knowledge of the IRS and fear of the IRS taking your assets
  • ​Overpaying on your taxes and thus your business not being profitable
You're seeking:
  • Someone to handle the IRS on your behalf
  • ​​To get rid of the tax debt and stop the harassing notices
  • To save thousands and pay only $750 like the EX-president
You want to:
  • Eliminate the stress and anxiety of dealing with the IRS
  • ​Save at least 5-figures in tax savings
  • ​Solve tax debt for less than you owe
If you said YES to any of the above, join this FREE Training


Meet The Instructor

Hey #SavvyFamily!

I'm Atiya! I am a licensed CPA with 16 years of tax experience. I have  a goal of saving my #SavvyFamily (aka my clients) over $1 Billion in tax savings. 

I help black women who invest in real estate and own small businesses by reducing their tax burden to save them money.

I have helped my #SavvyFamily save over $4MM in tax savings in 2021 alone! 


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